Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.

Coatings, Technology, Solutions

Core Processes

  • Thermal Spray Processes
  • TSA Corrosion Coatings
  • HVOF Chrome Replacement for Airframe Components
  • Anti-Corrosion Paint and Epoxies
  • Slurry Coatings
  • Dry Film Lubrication
  • Porcelain Enamel and Frit Coatings

Support Technologies

  • Automated Grit Blast
  • Cryogenic Cooling - part temperature control during thermal spray processes
  • Robotics- automation of all coating processes
  • U/V, Liquid Masking - technology for cooling hole masking
  • Machining and Grinding

CTS-South is located just North of Wilmington, NC, and has a strong core customer base within the Southeastern region of the United States. Founded in 1988, CTS-South has continually added technologies over the years, successfully expanding their ability to service a broad base of markets and customers.

In addition to the core thermal spray capabilities offered by the corporation, CTS-South has developed additional coating technologies to help our customers solve industry problems related to corrosion and wear. This division works with customers daily in an effort to provide viable and cost effective solutions to these and other types of challenges throughout the industry. Thinking outside of the box is commonplace within the aggressive product development team at CTS-South.

To improve CTS-South’s ability to provide these high technology coatings quickly and consistently, the North Carolina facility continuously drives the business through process automation. CTS-South’s innovative spirit has lead to the development of this industry's first automated, corrosion protection coating cell for power generation compressor blades. The facility also has implemented numerous robotic controlled grit blast booths to ensure the repeatability of surface preparation on all products. This and other automation at CTS-South has lead to an efficient operation with excess capacity to support continued growth efforts.

CTS – South
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Quality Certifications

Nadcap Accredited: Coatings, Chemical Processing

ISO 9001


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