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Wear Resistance

Thermal spray coatings are often used to protect against abrasion, erosion, adhesive wear, fretting, galling, and cavitation.


Wear Resistance Solutions

Abrasion and erosion are regularly addressed using tungsten carbide coatings along with a series of superalloys. These coatings outwear chrome plating by several orders of magnitude. Ceramic coatings may also be used to combat abrasion or erosion, especially in combined abrasive and corrosive environments.

Adhesive wear can be reduced by carefully considering the bearing match between the two materials that will contact in use and selecting an appropriate alloy for one of them. A superalloy called TribaloyTM is one that excels in this area.

Fretting can be combated with coatings of copper nickel indium or bronze.

Galling again requires analysis of the bearing match between the two materials that may gall. Given our several hundreds of available materials, it's fairly easy to prescribe an appropriate material.

Cavitation can be addressed by using variety of stainless steels, and several superalloys.


Coal chutes, thermally sprayed amorphous coating
applied to prevent particulate erosion.

Spray and fuse coatings
are utilized in the most
aggressive of wear applications.

Aircraft engine guide vane, impact wear
coating applied to flange

Reciprocating pump plunger,
chrome oxide wear coating applied
Coatings that Resist Wear
  • Tungsten carbide used on pump impellers in applications with extremely abrasive/erosive conditions such as slurry pumps.
  • Chrome oxide used on print cylinders that run against miles of very abrasive paper.
  • Molybdenum coatings on shifter forks that last for many years.

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