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Thermal Barrier

Thermal spray coatings are used to combat extreme temperatures, hot gases and thermal cycling. These extremes are often encountered in gas turbine engines. Many other industries that deal with the so called hot processes also require coatings that resist heat and oxidation. Sometimes coatings of special alloys are enough to provide protection for a given application. If alloy coatings alone are inadequate, special metal alloys with ceramic top coats are often used for these applications. The combined system, metal plus ceramic, is referred to as a thermal barrier.


Heat & Oxidation Solutions:

Thermal barrier coatings consisting of a metallic layer and then a ceramic layer will resist temperatures in excess of 3,000° F. The hot gas of combustion often contains sulfur compounds that are extremely corrosive, but the carefully designed coatings are up to the task.

For lower temperature protection, industrial exhaust stacks are often coated with aluminum to prevent premature rusting.

Most rollers used to carry steel through various furnaces in the steel manufacturing process are coated with one of several materials that resist heat and oxidation. Rollers immersed in molten zinc and aluminum used in the continuous galvanizing and continuous aluminizing processes are coated with thermal spray coatings, without which they would last for a much shorter period of time in the molten metals.

Among the most severe applications for which thermal spray coatings are used are thermal barriers on combustion liners, transition pieces and nozzles of gas turbines. Temperatures often reach 3,000° F in these applications.

Heat, oxidation resistance and resistance to particle erosion are the environmental concerns in steam turbine diaphragms. Chrome carbide/nickel chrome coatings work well in this environment.


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