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Characteristics of Frits

These glassy inorganic coatings are utilized throughout a variety of industries, providing very unique characteristics to enhance the functionality of components. They provide excellent abrasion resistance, dielectric strength, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. In most cases, frit coatings can operate at extreme temperatures while retaining all of their physical properties. These coatings weather extremely well, clean up easily, and are aesthetic in appearance.

Coating Properties


Typical Thickness: .005” - .015”
Max Sustained Operating Temperature: 1,200º F
Peak Operating Temperature: 1,500º F
Lubricity: Highest of any finish with the exception of no-stick fluorocarbons.
Resistant to: Salt, organic solvents, weather, water, acid, alkali, soil, oils, and ultraviolet light.
Appearance: Unlimited choice of colors from which to choose. Coating is high gloss, and easy to clean.




Water Heaters Boilers Oven Ranges
Barbecue Grills Dishwashers Heat Exchangers
Chemical Storage Tanks Architectural Design Electronic Circuits
Pumps Compressors Waste Water Treatment Pipes


*These coatings are also being applied within high technology industries such as semi conductor, aerospace, and medical.

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