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CTS applies slurry coatings to a variety of engine components within the power generation industry. CTS also holds Nadcap accreditations for chemical processing and coatings, which enables CTS to coat aircraft components for both engine and airframe OEMs.



Sulfur in the fuels of gas turbine engines and airborne salts, like sodium and chlorine, react with the oxide layer on engine components in high temperature environments attacking the base metal. This reaction forms sodium sulfates that expose the protective oxide layer of the base metal to decay. Water is also produced as a byproduct of hydrocarbon fuel combustion, and this water can combine with the sodium sulfur compounds to produce sulfuric acid, leading to base metal corrosion, referred to as sulfidation. The sacrificial coatings applied by CTS protect the base metal from these types of chemical reactions, drastically prolonging a component's life during service.


CTS prides itself on the implementation and operation of a fully automated slurry coating facility within its North Carolina division. The first of its kind within the industry, this state of the art cell has enabled CTS to tightly control coating thicknesses, surface finishes, and cosmetic appearances across all finished product. The robotic application method provides tight process repeatability for key quality characteristics, and enables the efficient flow of product through the cell. The result is an operation that supplies superlative quality and turn time to customers both domestic and abroad.


Compressor blade, aluminize
paint applied for corrosion protection.

Compressor midseal, AlSeal™ coating applied to prevent sulfidation within aircraft engine.



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