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Atmospheric Corrosion

From corrosion caused by weathering and chemical attack to corrosion caused by very aggressive molten metals, thermal spray coatings have proven to be the best solution for many corrosion resistant applications.


Corrosion Solutions

Atmospheric corrosion can be addressed by spraying areas to be protected with zinc, aluminum or zinc/aluminum wires, this will provide prevention of rust caused by weathering or immersion in fresh or salt water. These materials galvanically protect the underlying steel. The advantage of thermal spray over other methods is that the zinc or aluminum can be applied to nearly any thickness, so it is possible to vary the amount of protection based on the requirements of the application. Unlike galvanizing, thermal sprayed zinc or aluminum does not distort the parts as they are being processed. Coatings may be used as sprayed or coated with an appropriate sealer.

Pictured here is a component from a shipboard refrigeration unit that has been sprayed with aluminum and then sealed. Utilizing sophisticated automated equipment and state of the art quality assurance measures, it is possible for such a component to be guaranteed against rust by the manufacturer even though the part is made of mild steel and is exposed to salt water throughout its lifetime. This technology can be applied to any component that will be exposed to salt spray or immersion in salt water with results that far exceed what is possible with any paint system. The galvanic protection of the pure metallic coating is proven even against minor rupture of the coating.

Refrigeration compressor for shipping reefer,
wire arc sprayed aluminum applied to
protect steel from salt water corrosion.
CTS has years of successful field experience.
The coating process is tailored to provide
a robust, sacrificial protection within
aggressive environments.
 After 150 hours within an accelerated salt fog test rig,
the thermal spray aluminum (TSA) demonstrates
its superiority over advanced paint systems.

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