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Additional Processes and Services

Our commitment to continuously improve our services has enabled CTS to branch outside of our core competencies to include additional services such as component manufacturing, machining, grinding, shot peen, logistics management, and weld assembly. Armed with these and other services in addition to our coating technology, CTS succeeds in continually increasing the level of value provided to our customers.


Component Manufacturing Services

CTS has developed the ability to produce wear components for pumps, valves and other industrial equipment. These components are manufactured complete including coating and finishing. We will stock parts if volume warrants, and we pride ourselves on our on time performance.


Finishing of Coatings

All coatings are available for manufactured components. We have conventional and diamond grinding capability as well as superfinishing capability for all the coatings including tungsten carbide which is the most difficult to finish due to its hardness.


Component Assembly

After our coatings are applied, component details can be assembled onsite at CTS. Our weld capabilities provide opportunities for CTS to significantly reduce cycle time for our customers by providing a final product ready to certify and ship to the end user.


Shot Peen

CTS provides shot peening services throughout our facilities within the corporation. CTS retains fully automated peening capabilities.


Failure Analysis

We can perform failure analysis on components that fail in service frequently and prescribe a coating or overlay that will overcome the failure mode. We welcome the opportunity to help you improve equipment performance.


Manufactured pump sleeves, on the shelf
and ready to ship.

Finishing of thermal sprayed coating land
based gas turbine fuel nozzle.

Assembled land based gas turbine combustor.


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