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Acidic and Alkaline Resistance

Thermal spray coatings can be used to combat acidic or caustic corrosion. High alloys and ceramics can be used in these instances although sometimes simple stainless steel coatings will do the trick.

CTS also utilizes high temperature epoxies both as a sealer over thermal spray coatings, and as stand-alone coatings to resist acidic and alkaline environments. These epoxies are continuous and free of porosity, prohibiting liquid penetration down to the component substrate.

Molten metal corrosion is among the most aggressive types of corrosion experienced in industry. Thermal spray coatings have proven their effectiveness in this area by protecting galvanizing and aluminizing pot equipment.

CTS can engineer coatings to provide excellent wear protection while maintaining coating integrity within varying pH environments.

Corrosion resistant
The use of aluminum coatings on exhaust stacks is one where resistance to corrosion at mildly elevated temperatures works well.
The use of HVOF applied stainless steel to many paper industry components work for resistance to the alkalis present in white water.

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