Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.

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Our People

We pride ourselves on retaining team members who are talented and energetic problem solvers. Because our technology provides limitless solutions to industries worldwide, our people arrive at work each day motivated to make an impact on your business. We are successful at blending a talented team from a diverse employee base with decades of industry experience and fresh and creative ideas. A positive employee environment promotes teamwork and stimulates a “can do” approach for developing solutions to your problems. At CTS, we have people who win.

Our Services

Our core business is centered on providing coatings for wear, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, and thermal conductivity. Our commitment to continuously improve our services has enabled CTS to branch outside of our core competencies to include additional services such as component manufacturing, machining, grinding, shot peen, logistics management, and weld assembly. Armed with these and other services in addition to our coating technology, CTS succeeds in continually increasing the level of value provided to our customers.

Quality Built In

The CTS quality system has been developed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and automobile industries. This has proven to be an effective platform to meet the quality specifications for other industries and applications. With our foundation in aviation and automotive fundamentals, our quality system exemplifies our industry leading level of performance. The utilization of Six-Sigma methodology, real time statistical process control, and a team driven approach to preventive action are some of the reasons why we maintain a high level of respect in the industry regarding the consistent quality of our products and services. CTS integrates standard quality initiatives up front into processes, providing a seamless introduction of new products into our business. With CTS quality is automatically part of the package.

Business Through Technology

In our efforts to remain at the top of our industry, CTS continually emphasizes the utilization of improved technologies to streamline processes in all aspects of our business. Whether we are programming robotic motions within a virtual pc environment or enabling our production team to electronically access detailed work instructions with the touch of a finger, CTS is committed to innovation through technology. Our “business through technology” perspective leads us to develop lean processes and supports an employee’s ability to creatively explore opportunities for further business improvements. This philosophy preserves CTS as the premier supplier within our industry.



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