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CTS has the ability to take our thermal spray processes onsite to apply coatings to components that are too big to move or where scheduling will not permit delays. We can mobilize very quickly and arrive at your site prepared to apply our thermal spray coatings to your components. We can also consult and recommend coatings for specific environments and performance challenges.
We have coated:

  • Tube walls in steel mill boilers
  • Turbine shells
  • Turbine blades
  • Chemical tanks and processing equipment
  • Bridge members
  • Steel mill furnace hoods
  • Steam turbine cases (water erosion)
  • Various dimension restorations
  • Traction coatings
  • Fan applications
  • Alumizite
  • Power plant turbine disks
  • Platten repairs
  • Casing and diaphragms
  • Boiler fans


Onsite CTS “HIGH-FIVE” Coating - LMF hood application resists buildup, erosion, corrosion, temperature and spallation.





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