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CTS Opens Technology Center in Cincinnati, OH - March, 2015

CTS is pleased to announce the opening of it's new Technology Center.  CTS is commited to innovation through technology and this new facility will provide an exceptional environment to develop and streamline cutting-edge advancements in coating processes in all aspects of the business allowing CTS to remain at the top of the thermal spray industry.  To learn more about the center, visit the Technology Center page on our site.



Introducing CTS Service Center Manager at CTS-East - September, 2014

CTS is pleased to announce the hiring of Scot Crabtree as the Service Center Manager of CTS-East located in Springfield, NJ. Scot came to CTS by way of Rolls Royce Energy Systems out of Houston, Texas where he most recently held the title of Repair and Overhaul Operations Manager. During his time at Rolls Royce, Scot had responsibilities related to P&L, customer service, quality, on-time delivery, and establishing key performance indicators to better manage the business. Scot developed a multitude of team building techniques while at Rolls Royce that we expect to be very applicable while implementing our business growth strategies within the New Jersey facility. We anticipate Scot will quickly establish excellent rapport with our customers, and also be a hands-on type of leader necessary to drive improvements in the shop.  CTS is very excited to have someone of Scot’s caliber join our team in a leadership position. We look forward to all of Scot’s future successes.




Introducing CTS Service Center Manager at CTS-South - September, 2014

CTS is pleased to announce the promotion of Will Reed to Service Center Manager of CTS-South in North Carolina.  Will previously held the title of Engineering Manager at CTS-South.  Throughout his 9 years with CTS, Will has successfully lead the effort to drive business improvements through the implementation of new technologies.  The advancements Will has achieved within the engineering group have enabled CTS-South to better support initiatives related to quality, turn time, and new product introductions for our customers.  In addition to his technical success, Will has driven himself to continually improve as a manager, a leader, and a professional.  CTS is very excited to elevate Will into this new leadership role. 





Introducing CTS Service Center Manager at CTS-Texas - October, 2013

CTS is pleased to introduce Shawn O’Hanlon, Service Center Manager of CTS-Texas located in Rosharon, TX.  Shawn has been leading CTS-Texas since October of 2013.  During this time, he has been able to leverage his extensive background in engineering fundamentals, product development, and leadership skills to the business.  Shawn has a proven track record in setting up challenging processes.  He also has initiatives to bring in additional services that compliment CTS’s core thermal spray products to enhance the partnerships he has established with his customers. Shawn has always made good technical decisions, and we applaud his commitment to drive higher levels of quality within his business. CTS is very excited to have Shawn be part of our leadership team.  We look forward to his continued successes in the Houston market.



CTS Offers Advanced Strain Tolerant Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) Systems

CTS has proactively developed solutions to fill the need within both the aircraft and power generation industries; applying dense, erosion resistant, vertically segmented TBC's to combustion and turbine components.  These highly strain tolerant advanced coatings provide superior protection to the base metal from corrosion and errosion caused by hot gases, ingested contaminants and injected water used to boost power and control emissions.  These high technology coatings are now available and can be tailored to meet specific customer specifications or CTS' internally developed specifications. Come and take advantage of this advanced coating technology with the same superior customer service and quality support that is synonymous with the CTS name.  For more information on these and other thermal barrier coatings, please contact us!


New Technology!
 Our North Carolina facility is currently in production with the industry's first, fully automated High Endurance Paint, Slurry Coating facility. This aluminize coating protects gas turbine compressor components from corroding in service. To learn more about this technology, visit the High Endurance Paint, Slurry Coatings page on our site.

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