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In the commercial segment of our market, we service power utilities, automotive manufacturers, machinery rebuilders, sputtering target manufacturers, paper tube manufacturers, corrugated paper machine manufacturers, magnetic materials manufacturers and many others. There is no limit for the application of coatings in the marketplace because things wear out in any industrial process, and performance can always be improved by applying the correct coating.

Coatings used in this segment include nearly all of the thermal spray coatings:

  • chrome carbide applied with HVOF for the power utilities, among other coatings.
  • stainless steel using electric arc for the machinery rebuilders.
  • pure silver using the combustion wire process for the sputtering target manufacturers.
  • tungsten carbide cobalt with HVOF for the paper tube and the magnetic materials industries, replacing hard chrome.
  • a large variety of components are repaired with various arc spray alloys and aluminum is sprayed on many components as a rust preventive.
   Paper tube mandrels WC-Co
   HVOF coating applied for
   wear protection.
  Ball valve, spray and fuse coating for
aggressive wear protection.


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